MAY 31st 1:50 PM – 4 PM

Cost: $50 for first child, $25 for additional children CASH ONLY

Forms available for download (see links below)

Please review & sign them completely

Field Status:

May 31th: Soccer is ON! LAST DAY!

We will update the page Friday morning

Our Purpose is to glorify God as we learn to discipline our bodies and practice excellent sportsmanship. Each practice will begin with prayer. Our focus is on building character and sportsmanship while having fun playing soccer. The first hour is skills and drills. The second hour is scrimmage. (4 and 5 year olds only play for the first hour.)


Please read How To Play page for details on how we play homeschool soccer.  The first hour is  drills, skills, and practice games.  The second hour is scrimmage.  Four and five year old teams play for one hour only. 

Equipment bags for each team are provided.  They include pinnys, cones, first aid kit, and idea binder.  Some additional shared equipment is also available.  Please return equipment to Equipment Keeper each week.

Coach assignments will be made after all registrations are complete.

If we have more coach sign-ups than available spots, preference will normally be given to parents and older/experienced teens.

Parent coaches receive tuition reimbursement.  Teen coaches, age 14+, receive a small stipend each week which varies based on our budget.  In the past, it has been $15-$30.

Younger teens are welcome/encouraged to volunteer as an additional assistant in order to help out and gain experience.

Please be sure to communicate with the Coach Coordinator if you must be absent from soccer.  We will coordinate a sub when needed.

In case of wet or stormy weather, please note that we aim to not cancel soccer unless the weather is really bad.  Please plan to be there, even if it rains in the morning.  While we make every effort to cancel as early as possible, this is sometimes a tough decision when the weather is iffy.  

Field parents are assigned to each team.  Their job is to assist with shoe tying trips to the restroom, injuries, etc.  Please call on them for anything not coaching related.

Rain Policy

In the case of rain or inclement weather, we will do our best to post the cancellation notice in the header above by noon.

Note that if it has been raining a lot, sometimes the fields close if conditions are muddy, even if the sun is out. Even if there is rain projected, we will try to have soccer.