Parent Job Descriptions

This club is run on parent volunteers. There is no experience necessary to be a coach or to help on the field.   Volunteering is not required, but without our volunteers we cannot run the program. Please be generous with your time!
Each team will have a designated head coach, assistant coach (as needed), and field moms to cover name tags and other things needed. Please read below and familiarize yourself with the job descriptions.

Lead Coach: Adults and teens needed! (Adults get registration fee waived for family, teens get a stipend). Instructs and facilitates fun, motivating soccer activity while holding the players accountable to a high standard of conduct.  No experience necessary.  For those coaches that are new and without experience, see the “Coaching Tips” under the “How to Play” link on the main page for soccer drill ideas, scrimmage rules and helpful website links.  The club format is 1st hour warm-up/drills, teaching & practice and 2nd hour scrimmage. If you are unable to attend soccer on a given Friday, contact ASAP. Team roster will be sent to you via email once registration is complete. 

UPDATE: Prospective coaches will need to pay soccer tuition for their family. Tuition will be reimbursed once coaches are assigned to teams. Thank you for understanding!

Substitute Coaches: Available to coach in the absence of a Lead Coach.

Team Name Tags: Prints out names tags for players, coaches, and field moms (for the first 2 weeks of soccer only). Team roster will be provided to each volunteer.

Equipment Carriers: (Registration fee waived for family). Store and transport soccer equipment to the field during the playing season. At the end of each practice divide the equipment up between the volunteers and store until the following week, continue this through out the playing season. Equipment items include but are not limited to 1 to 2 large plastic totes, large net bag with extra balls, cleat exchange. If you are not able to attend soccer and have equipment, please make arrangements with the other volunteers to get equipment to the field for soccer.

Field Moms: Available on the sidelines to assist with non-soccer needs such as escorting younger children to the bathroom (only 1 or 2 at a time, please!), administering first aid from kit provided, ensuring there are no electronic devices on the playing field, helping a child find his parent, and alerting us of any other concerns.  It is fine to switch off with another field mom, but we appreciate you ensuring that your assigned team is covered by someone at all times.